What is Strategic Entrepreneurship ?

It is where strategic management and entrepreneurship meet. Most businesses in the US are small businesses versus the large household name corporations everyone is familiar with. Almost all of these small businesses are started, and evolve organically without a strong focus on what they are about, strategically where do they fit, and a clear understanding by the owner of why they exist or where they are going. More than 97% of small business owners do not have a planned exit strategy.

Jon Wroten is a recognized leader with a knack for strategic thought, developing creative and innovative solutions to complex issues, and the demonstrated ability to lead organizations achieving high performance results.  Jon also is a recognized serial entrepreneur having started and run multiple businesses. Jon is an accomplished speaker, lecturer and Adjunct Professor of business. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, leadership, strategy and business. He has started and grown businesses; worked for Fortune 500, private, and public organizations.  Jon has been twice recognized as CEO of an INC.500 Fastest Growing Business in America and selected as Small Business Person of the Year.  Jon holds both a BS in Management and a Masters of Business Administration degree.

Jon Wroten


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