Jon Wroten, a twice Inc.500 CEO, serial entrepreneur, Adjunct Professor of Business with over 20+ years experience as a high-impact strategic leader describes an entrepreneur not by the common definition of someone who risks the time and money for a return, but as a passionate person who puts aside the possibility of failure to pursue their vision of what could and should be. Lacking passion, commitment, and unrelenting drive, failure is assured. True entrepreneurs will likely jump in assuming all things are possible, and with that perspective - they usually are.

The challenge is how do you get from a dream, idea and vision to reality.  This is an art.  If it were a science there would be only one right answer.  There are many paths that will get you from here to there and there is not one right answer.  Strategy will help create the road map of which of these paths will insure the greatest likelihood of success.

Leadership is how the strategy is implemented and executed. Most importantly, exceptional businesses were never created by a single individual. It is always a team effort with many players and contributors with the leader guiding the team along the path toward the vision and success.

Innovation supports the achievement of the goal in new and creative ways. Ways the competitors never conceived of, and hopefully never saw coming. Innovation combined with Leadership, Strategy and Entrepreneurship can change the way business is done.


Jon Wroten

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